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Business Management Services

Farmers Bank can help your business with innovative payments and cash management tools. Learn more about the benefits of our business management services. Visit our office to learn about which business service is right for you.

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Business Manager* 

Farmers Bank offers an accounts receivable management service to give you immediate access to uncollected funds. We purchase your existing accounts receivables on a discounted basis providing you working capital, handle all customer billing and payment collections, and assist in your record-keeping and monthly reporting.

Cash Management for ACH* - Manage Payments For Your Business

Whether it’s employee payroll, direct deposits to your own accounts or payments to your vendors, managing payments takes a lot of time for any business owner. With Cash Management services offered at Farmers Bank, you can automate your payment processes to ensure that all your payments are made on time. What does this mean for you?

  • Payments are made in a secure environment
  • Operating costs are reduced
  • More time to focus on other key aspects of your business
  • No late payments
  • More control over payment dates
  • Advanced security options
  • Same-day ACH
  • Access to transaction information and account activity
  • ACH originations and file uploads (including payroll direct deposits)

Remote Deposit Capture* - Save Time On Deposits for Your Business

If you make multiple trips to the bank each day to make deposits for your business, there’s a faster way. With Remote Deposit, you’re able to deposit checks from your office so you can keep your focus where it should be – on running your business. Here’s how Remote Deposit works:

  • Farmers Bank provides you with a desktop scanner that connects to any Windows®-based computer
  • Log in to our secure environment, enter the deposit information and scan the paper checks. Images are processed electronically and stored for 7 years
  • Accepted checks include corporate checks, consumer checks, cashier’s checks, third-party checks and money orders

Positive Pay* - Prevent Check Fraud at Your Business

Check fraud can prove costly for a business owner. Not only does it deprive you of the money your business has earned, but it can cost you as you try and collect what you’re due. With Positive Pay, you can stop check fraud, verify your transactions and flag any potentially fraudulent activity.

How Positive Pay Works

Positive Pay matches the account number, check number and value of each check against a list you provide for your business. Once you’ve created your list, you upload it into Farmers Bank’s Cash Management program. Once a check clears the bank, it is compared to the file you uploaded. If any of the information doesn’t match, the transaction is flagged for you to review before the check is paid in full.

Night Depository Services 

For the convenience of Business Banking customers, you may receive keys to our night deposit vault and a locked zipper deposit bag.



Wire Origination* – Send Money Anywhere

Farmers Bank can originate wire transfers to financial institutions across the country and around the globe. With a wire transfer, you can securely send cash from your account to another institution. The following fees apply to wire transfers:

*Additional Fees May Apply